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1. Welcome to visit to “Korea Brand News”

“Korea Brand News” is a newspaper company specialized in Brand/Trademark issues and news in South Korea. We are officially registered by Korean Government.
Since our newspaper is for Korean people, majority of the news, texts and advertisements are composed of Korean language.
If you want to know our newspaper, please do not hesitate to contact us via our e-mail kobrnews@gmail.com.


2. Request for Advertisement

“Korea Brand News” can give you the most efficient and economical way to advertise your registered Brand or Trademark in Korea. If you contract with us, you can advertise your Trademark and product/service for a long time, for example 5 times periodically every 2 years.
If you want to publish your advertisement, please visit our order form page…..


Click here to go to Google Form for ordering AD.

Download a detailed explanation for KoreaBrandNews


3. Do you know that your registered Trademark can be cancelled or revoked if you have not used it in Korea for at least 3 years?

According to the Korean Trade Mark Law, a registered trademark can be cancelled or revoked in case that none of a trademark right holder or any licensee has used the registered trademark on the designated goods in the Republic of Korea for at least three consecutive years without justifiable grounds before a trial to revoke the registered trademark is requested. (Article 119 )
Our research reveals that about 2 thousands of cancellation trials are filed to Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) in every year.
Majority (>=90%) of the above trials are taking issues with non-use for 3 years, and unfortunately, over 50 % of TM owners have experienced the cancellations of their TM registrations, even they didn’t submit any proof.


4. Advantageous Effects when advertising your AD in KoBrNews

(1) Most Cost-effective
Ordering AD to KoBrNews is the most cost-effective solution you can choose,
(2) Powerful Evidence
KoBrNews will provide you very powerful evidence that can prove you have legitimately used the relevant registered TM on at some goods against to a future trial to revoke trademark registration,
(3) No Translation
You need not to prepare or make a Korean advertisement in addition. If you have one written in your language or other, you have only to send or notice it/them via the above order form or our e-mail without translation into Korean. Of course, if you have one in Korean language, please provide it to us.

Thank you.